Welcome to my website! It combines my 2 hobbies: breweriana collection and website creation (this may sound very pompous, but I cannot think of another name). Due to the fact that the latter occasionally brings some income, let us assume that it gradually becomes my job and forget it.

I collect breweriana since… time immemorial. At first, I used to collect everything referring to beer. Later on, I started narrowing the range of my collection. However, I have not managed to concentrate on 1 group of breweriana...

As a result, I collect beer coasters:

  1. Lithuania;
  2. Carlsberg, Heineken, Amstel;
  3. Football, music, women.

The choice may seem to be strange... but I can explain everything. Lithuania is my motherland. Heineken is UEFA Champions League sponsor; Amstel used to be one. Carlsberg is a sponsor of my favourite teams that are FC Liverpool and England national team. Football and music are my favourites. I have never been involved in it seriously, though, I enjoyed playing football from time to time (and still do, as you may see). And music is with me here there and everywhere. What about women...it is said that they are the most beautiful part of humanity; I cannot agree more!

I collect beercaps from all around the world. All caps (crown caps, pull-off, PET, etc.). I don't collect same caps with different inside pictures (inscriptions) and factory signs.

I also collect beer labels with women images.

In the course of time I have collected some beer mugs and goblets.

As this hobby has not transformed into my job, obsession or religion, the collection has not been growing very fast...but, I assume that there are some interesting and outstanding items.